Friday, September 21, 2007


I thought I would let everyone know about the progress we are making on getting trails built(with permission)on the west side of Carson City. For anyone who isn't familiar with C.C.'s Unified Pathways Master Plan (UPMP)you can download the pdf file here. The trail we will be focusing on is the middle trail, which connects Kings Canyon Road to Ash Canyon Road.
After talking with Parks and Recreation director Roger Moellendorf and Open Space manager Juan Guzman, I'm confident a trail network will be constructed on the west side in the near future. Both gentlemen were positive and enthusiastic that someone was willing to step up to the plate and build the proposed trails.
This past week I also met with the board of directors of Muscle Powered, a Carson City organization that has been on the scene for ten years and is dedicated to creating a walkable and bicycle friendly community. You can find some of their accomplishments here. After giving my nervous sales pitch, the board voted unanimously in support of the construction of trails on the west side of C.C. President Ann Maqueary has graciously offered to do the environmental assessment report that will be required by the Forest Service before we're allowed to break ground(the proposed trail crosses through C.C. & F.S. land). Thank you Ann, and thank you board of directors of Muscle Powered. If you are not already a member of Muscle Powered, please consider it. I don't believe this project would succeed, or at least it would be more difficult, without their help. And to leave you with an even more positive note, Max Jones will be designing the sweet singletrack.

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Jeff said...

Very cool! These are exciting times in Carson City!