Tuesday, September 04, 2007

If You Don't Like It - Ride a Bike

I found this little clip over at Bike Hugger. It's a perfect example of why we can't rely on politicians for our energy problems.

This guy says that riding a bike is a preposterous solution to our energy problems. If you're reading this blog, you've most likely seen firsthand how a bicycle can cut your energy costs. Many of you are bicycle commuters. Some of you have even given up your cars.

My favorite part is near the end when he's trying to be sarcastic. "If you don't like it, ride a bike. If you don't like the price at the pump, ride a bike." To this Congressman Patrick McHenry, I say, "Hell Yeah!"


Smudgemo said...

For a measly million dollars, aren't bicycles really only a part of the solution?

Besides, 19th century technology had a lot going for it. We made a frittata last night in a cast-iron skillet that was pretty damn tasty. I believe my light-bulbs were conceived back in the day. Three-axis control of aircraft by the Wrights was a 19th century design. Wireless communication, evolution theories, pasteurization, repeating rifles, motion pictures, dynamite, etc.

The list is long and impressive when you think before speaking. Wait, I'm not making this up.

Anonymous said...

Bikes are one thing, but this congressman looks like he is trouble! check out www.patgobyebye.blogspot.com

oldmanandhisbike said...

What a complete arrogant @$$hole. It is embarrassing to see a congress-person who represents us, stand up and show such ignorance and stupidity.
He actually wasted taxpayer dollars to stand up there for 3+ minutes and criticize riding a bike? With all of the issues in front of us today and knowledge of direct contributors to global warming, environmental pollution and global unrest, he actually thinks a persons use of a bicycle to run errands (for instance) is a stupid choice. An idea not worthy of his support.
And his solution is to build more nuc-leer power plants?

Jeff said...

I'd like a clean-coal powered Hummer. Perfect for idling in the drive-thru!

The only losers in the bicycle scenario are Ford/General Motors/Exxon/Chevron etc. The "people" this man represents...

Smudgemo said...

Doesn't it just irritate the hell out of you when you watch a professional and know you could do their job better and more efficiently?

And btw, to address one of his "points", some farmers are indeed finding it more profitable to use 19th century equipment and draft animals to work smaller plots of land.

Note the bicycle photograph used for "framing the debate" and how it suggests a slow and outdated mode of transport simply not suited to modern times. I guess a video loop of a skinny middle-aged guy passing up a gas station and 20 cars queued-up for a controlled intersection would send the wrong message.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Jeff: Don't forget; the air conditioning is running full blast while they wait on their McMuffins!
Smudgemo: The factory farms are affecting global warming and environmental pollution more than idling Hummers! So, your comment about the smaller, family managed farms is more "forward-thinking" than anything this Dick came up with.

Xd said...

i've got one for you: i can't tell you how many times i've witnessed people here at my work, in their vehicles, often SUVs, in the parking lot at lunch with the engine idling and the A/C running(in summer) so they could smoke in a nice, cool environment. that one always gets me.