Monday, September 24, 2007

Mexican Fighting Dog

This here is a Mexican Fighting Dog. This is the dog to have if you have bears in your yard. This is the same dog that treed the bear the other night. I don't know you people sleep at night without one of these guarding the house.

This summer I bought a head sweat. I was skeptical...could putting something extra on my head be cooler than my naked bald head? As it turns out it works out pretty well for us bald guys. It may be a little warmer getting started, but it works absolutely fabulous at keeping the sweat out of my eyes and glasses. It does a pretty good job at cooling once it gets wet too.

As it turns out, the head sweat also acts as a barrier against creepy things. Today I was leading the charge along the V&T Rail Road Grade, laying down a pretty good pace. A big juicy dragonfly flew into my vision and hit my helmet. I wasn't sure if it bounced off or entered the helmet vents. I rode for a bit more and then felt something crawling and flapping between my skull and the helmet. If it wasn't for the head sweat barrier, I almost certainly would have had a psychotic episode, causing erratic swerving, possibly sending myself and others off a cliff. Thanks to the head sweat, I was able to intrepidly come to a controlled stop, remove my helmet, and release the large insect back into the environment unharmed.

The Ride With Smudgemo is on for Wednesday. So far it's just me and Smudgemo. Everyone else had bulletproof excuses. I'm going to Canada, I'm getting two crowns on my teeth, I just started a new job, I have a meeting, etc.

This is the planned ride:

We'll start and finish at the Tahoe Rim Trail trailhead near the summit on the Mt. Rose HWY (SR431). We'll ride the TRT to Marlette Lake, ride around the south end of Marlette Lake, take the Flume Trail to Tunnel Creek, and finish on the TRT back to the cars. About 32 miles. If anyone reconsiders, this is where we'll be!


bluecolnago said...

a dog that drinks tabsco sauce has to be one mean puppy! cool!

rigtenzin said...

The ride with Smudgemo sounds great. I saw the trails you ride in the latest issue of Mountain Bike Action. Your photos are better than theirs though.

Chris said...

Looks ferocious. Keep him on a tight leash in public.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Lucky Bastard Smudgemo!
Hey, that dog looks like the Taco Bell dude! Ka-pas-ah!
I am not a headsweats fan, but if it works for you "skinheads", more power to ya! :^)

lauren said...

i think you're referring to a "fred band".

is that the fred band around the dog's stomach?

Jeff said...

Fred Band? Geez.

You and oldman need to shave your head and get back to me on this.

In addition to keeping sweat out of my eyes and bugs off my scalp, I look like straight outta Compton or perhaps straight off the poop deck of the Black Pearl. Dhar!

Jeff said...

Oh and the thing around the dog's stomach. That's her Halloween sweater. She gets cold if it's not above 95 degrees F...

oldmanandhisbike said...

Yeah, straight outta Compton. West Compton, Dorset, England.

lauren said...

i'm only teasing.

morgan's got the same hairdo as you do and he used to wear a fred band too - till i started teasing him.