Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hooray for Fall!

As I was going to bed last night the wind started picking up, and a little bit later it started to rain. It pretty much rained all night. My first thought upon waking was that the trails were going to be in prime shape today. Ok scratch that. My first thought was probably, "I have to pee". And then perhaps, "Where's my coffee?". But after that, I was totally thinking about packed, wet sand. On the way into work we were shocked to see SNOW in the mountains! Getting started early this year!

I got Kristy's Stumpjumper prepped this morning, actually lowering the tire pressure. I knew Jeff P was working today, but he has ways of finding out how much air is in those tires. I took the Weirwolf 2.5 down to 28, and the Rear Specialized Resolution 2.1 down to 30. Pretty much the setup I've been running this week. Kristy seemed to like the lower pressure, commenting that she bounced around a bit less. For myself, I might boost the rear up a couple PSI to 32, and take the front down to 25 PSI. I hit a rock with the rear tire that gave me some concern, but the front tire was fine to go even lower.

Scott and I left our subterranean lair and hooked up with Kristy and Amy on the other side of Main Street. As we approached the girls from a block away I actually saw Jeff P squeezing my wife's tires! We ride through Jeff P's "office" everyday, and I was glad that I had lowered the pressure in Kristy's tires. I'm still not sure if he approved though. I couldn't read the look on his face.

A bit later we hooked up with Kathy and Jon and headed for the dirt. The wet, packed sand was as expected...awesome. We easily climbed up a trail that was too sandy just yesterday! When we got to the top, the girls went and played on the creek trail, and the boys headed back to work.

Hooray for Fall!


oldmanandhisbike said...

What the hey? Fall? You cannot say that word yet. Blasphemy!
But, I guess I have to admit it really is the best time of year to ride here too. Except for that pesky sun going down at 7:30ish now.
The trails there look so sweet! Man, you are a lucky bastard.
But, you might want to have a talk with Jeff P. about the squeezing; he could be a bit more discreet about that! :^)

Smudgemo said...

Sweet! The trails next week will be perfect for my trip up there.
I can't stand being so precise on tire pressure. It just means you have to check it every time you ride. I figure that if I haven't ridden a certain bike in awhile, I'll pump up. If I have and the tires are still firm, I'm in business!

Jeff said...

I must admit that the tire squeezing by Jeff P was all for my benefit. He saw me coming...

I check my tires at the beginning of the week...that's it. They can lose anywhere from 2 - 6 psi in a week though!

Chris said...

Looks like some sweet riding. I am going to have to make my way out there and rent an MTB some day.