Monday, September 17, 2007


"Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere, I've looked at clouds that way"

...sang Judy Collins as I rode under the clouds today. Thirty years later and I can still hear that song playing on my parents' turntable.

I had predicted that September would be long and hot, but to my surprise, Fall is already in the air. We're close enough to October now that I think the real hot stuff is behind us. For about a month now, we'll have some of the most perfect weather of the year! Temperatures this week will peak in the 60's and 70's.

We could still use some rain though. The sand is deep and choppy. Coming down off Lakeview was perilous to say the least.

To satisfy Jeff P's pinching fingers, I ran my Weirwolf 2.5 at 28 psi up front. Handling the rear tire duty was the Specialized Resolution 2.1 at 30 psi. So far so good. I shall play the tire pressure limbo this week. How low can I go? La la laa, laa la laa, la la, laa la laa la laa...


Marcus said...

Are you running that psi with tubes? I think you will flat if you do that.
On another note... If you play your cards right...That is keep up the singing and setting the mood right... I might let you pinch the tires on my Marin.

Jeff said...

There is just no pleasing you guys! So now I have to be somewhere between Jeff P's recommendation, and your little but not a lot area.

Not just any tubes Marcus. Continental ultra lights for a more pleasurable ride.

Like I said, I'm running very high volume tires. I have some wiggle room. Esp. in the front. I think that big tire would slip on the rim before it pinch flatted!

Smudgemo said...

It's all about finesse. I've forgotten to fill the tires of my fully rigid 1X1 where the rear was so low it squirmed going downhill on pavement, but came home fine. Ride light and don't whack any rocks. Traction rules until you roll the tire off the rim...

Marcus said...

Pardon my Faux Pas! for I did not Know you were running Continentals. That changes everything! So if you get a pinch flat does Continental have a $20.00 patch kit for that? Or do you just run on down to the bike store and buy yourself some stans no tubes! Tee hee!