Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Ride - Washoe Valley

Today, Jeff P. took us on a 24 mile recovery ride. With the exception of a couple grinder hills, it was flat and smooth. The easy spinning was actually pretty soothing on the legs. This was also Kristy's first ride since her hernia surgery last Tuesday. She could barely get out of bed without a lot of pain two days ago, and today she did about a 1,000 feet of climbing! Tomorrow she goes to the doctor's to get cleared to resume normal activities. So she jumped the gun a little bit...

We had some more odd bikes in the group today. First up was the Santana Quint. Bill had it broken down to only a three seater for today's ride. It was just him and his two boys. You can add sections to it just like a dining room table! The middle rider was only two, and didn't pedal. He did, however, provide Bill with some excellent resistance training!

Dave was trying out Anke's new recumbent. Sure your feet are higher than your hips, and the exposed teeth of the big chain ring are within striking distance of your crotch...the machine hauls butt!

We rode to the end of Old HWY 395, and then returned to Bower's Mansion State Park. We took a little break in the beautiful park grounds while the boys played in the playground. We began the return trip, and the sun started to come out. This was much appreciated, since the forecast was for light snow!

When we got to the top of Lakeview and saw Carson City below, I started thinking about the cool descent in front of me. When we climb the road on the mountain bikes, we always see roadies bombing down the hill at incredible speeds. I've always thought it looked nuts! Well, today was time to give being a nut a try. I talked myself into staying off the brakes, and bombing the hill. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. In fact in felt pretty good! The bike felt way more stable than I imagined it would.

After descending Lakeview, we got to climb Timberline once again! It was only half way, but my legs were still protesting. We stopped at Dave and Anke's for some wonderful scones and some rest time. At one point, I was led to the inner sanctum to view Dave's 1984 Specialized Stumpjumper. The bike is all, water bottle, everything..., and is claimed to only have 50 miles on it! It was mounted on a special display rack and was draped with Tibetan prayer flags. A nice touch!

There was very little work left to finish the ride. From Dave and Anke's it was another thrilling descent almost all the way back to Jeff and Amy's. Once again, the Potters brewed some gourmet coffee, put out some tasty snacks, and allowed stinky bike riders to sit on their furniture! It was another excellent Sunday.


Todd said...

Dave and Anke? What do they do for a living? I think I went cross country skiing with them about 10 years ago and Laurie used to work with Dave.

Of course, it could have been another couple named Dave and Anke. Common names like that are a dime a dozen.

Chris said...

The only other place I have seen a 3 seat bike is on cartoons.

Jeff said...

Chris - Me too...I believe it was Dr. Seuss!

lauren said...

oh man! that 3 seater is cool.

we've been talking about getting one of those for years. finally, we just decided to get 2 old tandems now that the kids are a little older.

neat riding stories. you guys look like you have oodles and oodles of road to ride on there.

Kristy said...

When I first saw it, Bill kept saying, "it's a quint". Then it finally sunk in ... ah, a five seater. That day it was only set up for 3 though (removable extensions). Dave was telling me that he saw it parked next to a Mini Cooper once at a bike event. He said it was twice as long as the Cooper when fully stretched to five. I bet that would be a sight to see!