Thursday, January 25, 2007

Afternoon Delight

I was off work yesterday, and I was able to sneak a ride in about an hour before the sun went down. I hopped on the new road bike, and thought I'd just cruise around. I told myself to back off the pace a little bit...sometimes I find myself going too fast when riding by myself.

The temperature was pretty mild out, and I was dressed perfectly. I passed the point where I thought I might turn around, and just kept riding. Pretty soon I found myself out of town, and finally away from most everything. The road slowly climbed out into the foothills of the Pine Nut Range. It was one of those climbs that you don't even really notice.

I started to get thirsty and reached for my water bottle. All that I felt was the space where my water bottle should've been. I began to picture my full water bottle sitting next to the sink where I probably left it. I'm a scatter brain sometimes... It didn't matter too much though, as I was near the highest part of the ride.

The shadows were getting tall, and it was a good time to start making for home. It was mostly downhill all the way home, so it was Big Chain Ring time. The road out in the Pine Nuts was a dirt road up until recently. It's barely paved right now, but still was decent for the skinny road tires. In fact, it was probably better than the "bike lanes" on the roads close to town. They were covered in red volcanic sand that was put down for the snow and ice. I pulled into the garage just as the sun was going down, and found my water bottle right next to the sink!

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Chris said...

Nothing like forgetting your bottle or worse, your pump or inflaters. Looks like nice country where you are. I like nice quiet areas to road ride.