Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just Like Riding a Bike...

Today marked the first day I have been on a bike out in nature since November 21, 2006. That is precisely 42 days but who was counting.

The weather was unusually warm for January at nearly 60 degrees but the wind was crazy. I had packed my bag last night thinking I needed to dress for January weather. Unfortunately, I packed a white semi-translucent base layer and a blue sports bra to wear beneath my winter jersey. Nice.

Ryan, Dennis, Kristy and Jeff were there to welcome me at my corner. It was a sight for sore eyes let me tell you. We then picked up Barbara at her corner and were off. We did our route up Coombs Canyon that we call Lakeview. We had to change the ride time so Jeff the Programmer (not the Postman) could go to driver's ed so Todd could not make it today. Never heard from Patrick, and Kathy was snowshoeing at Spooner. We will have to catch up next week.

I spent the first half of the ride talking and trying to keep up with Ryan and did ok, considering I could not keep up with Ryan in my salad days. Then it was time for the down hill. The dirt was pristine, a bit damp but not muddy or icy. My ankle hurt a bit when I was out of the saddle powering up a hill but other than that, it was fine. Aside from the wind, it was a perfect day for a ride with some pretty great people. Most importantly, I stayed upright and survived the ride.

Thank you to everyone for your support during my several weeks off and I am so glad to have you all as friends and riding buddies.

Happy as hell to be back!!!!

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