Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January Nearing a Close

Today's pictures are of Kristy coming down what we call the Deer Run. I'm not sure what everyone else calls this trail...that's just our name. One day Patrick started calling it the Deer Run, and the name just stuck. I think we actually once saw a deer hoof print on the trail, so it's more or less accurate.

The Sun was out in full force today, and the temperatures were in the 40's! It was a little chilly leaving the office, but felt very warm on the climb. I didn't even have cold feet today!

I'm so glad that January is almost over. I'm hopeful that the coldest part of the year is over, and we can start looking forward to spring time. We also have an early Day Light Savings Time this year. March 11th to be exact...almost a full month earlier! Sure there will be more crappy storms, but if you can make it through January, you can make it through anything!


Todd said...

That's a great picture! All it takes is one shot like that for me to remember how lucky we are to be able to ride on trails like these every day at lunch. You can't do this
stuff in the city.

BlaaScott said...

I 2nd what Todd said....It's bittersweet looking at the daily pics and knowing how far away I am.

Tim said...

Mmmm, dirt. I miss that stuff this time of year.

Chris said...

3 more weeks of DSL is so solid. Do we have "W" to thank for that?

Jeff said...

Thank W...I doubt it. He may have signed off on it, but I doubt he actually reads anything he signs. Someone just comes in with a stack of papers, and says "sign these sir". He does his best to stay in the lines.