Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Little Warmer

Yesterday was a bit warmer. On the uphill anyhow... The downhill still required full zip up to prevent freezing your flesh.

It's been hard dealing with the cold, both emotionally and physically. Today's bright sun helped out with the emotional part. The sky was so blue, and you could see for miles. A welcome treat after some of the gloomy days we've had lately.

I was concerned that with warmer temps we'd have a mud fest, but the trail conditions were quite nice. Slightly moist or frozen dirt provided quick rolling and great traction.

The snow is still thin and crisp and fun to ride on. I was swerving around the trail looking for snow to blast through.

The route of the day took us up Ash Canyon. It's a long steep climb, but is pretty smooth and packed down. The fire and logging crews improved the road after the 2004 Fire. It's less fun to ride, but gets us up the hill faster. The downhill was almost all single track. Sandie even got to visit her crash site for the 1st time since her accident.

Today looks like it will be may even be above freezing by ride time!

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Kristy said...

It was a beautiful week!