Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nevegal Follow Up

This a follow up on my earlier post about my new Nevegal 2.35 Stick-E Folding Bead Tire. It's winter of course, so the tire was tested in wet sand, mud, and snow. I mounted the tire on the front of my Kona Kula Primo, inflating it to 30 psi.

Like I mentioned in the earlier post, the tire is 730 grams. This kept the bike feeling quick, and light in the front end for doing wheelies. The tire rolled fairly smooth on the pavement...possibly due to the ramped leading edge of the center knobbies. The lower psi felt a bit squishy when checking the tire by hand, but actually felt awesome on the trail, helping to absorb the rocks on the trail.

In the loose stuff, the center knobbies kept the front wheel straight giving confidence on high speed runs. The cornering was awesome too. I was exaggerating my turns, trying to see how far I could lean the bike over. I never once slid out, causing some big grins!

It'll be a few months before I can test it out on any dry terrain, but I'm really looking forward to it. The big test will be the loose sand...to see how it stacks up to a 2.5 for flotation and stability.


Sandie said...

Seems to me this was the tire you were whining about being so heavy yesterday up the hill in the mud. Maybe I am mistaken?

Jeff said...

No, you are mistaken. I was running two big freeride tires yesterday, and I plan on posting about that soon...