Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Week of Mild Weather

We've had pre-winter weather this week. Enough rain to moisten the sand, but nothing more. Temperatures are in the 40's at ride time. This picture is taken near 5,500 elevation. As you can see in the picture, the snow level is much higher. Snow Valley Peak, the mountain above Kristy's head, is 9,214 feet tall. Carson City is in a Rain Shadow, so it's normal for all the precipitation to stay on the other side of the Sierras. Soon there will be snow though. Until then, I'm enjoying the perfect dirt conditions. The sand is packed down, and the tires are hooking up. You can really fly through the corners!

Secret: Just to the right of the tree behind Todd, is the start of another new trail. It needs to be ridden in. Duty calls!

Here's another picture looking down Ash Canyon towards Carson City. It's a pretty steep climb to get to this point, but the downhill is all fun singletrack, making it more than worth it.

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rigtenzin said...

I really enjoy seeing your ride photos. You live in a beautiful place.