Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Snowy Wednesday

True to my word, I went out riding in Wednesday's snow storm. The wind was driving hard from the North, making progress slow, and forcing snow into the air vents of my helmet and onto my bald head. I may need to add a balaclava to my riding wardrobe for days like this.

The climb goes into the west, and this provided some relief from the wind. The temperatures were not very cold, so the ground was kind of soggy from the precipitation. This made for a great workout on the single speed.

Once at the top, our descent led us to the south and east. The change in direction made it feel like spring time! My head instantly warmed up, and the brutal headwind became a pleasant tailwind.

Patrick was absent today. I did see Dennis briefly, but he retreated back to work due to insufficient clothing. He was minus a wind stopper layer today, and the wind was going right through his jersey all the way to his bones. Today's crew consisted of myself, Barbara, and Kathy.

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