Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Missing Summer

Nope...haven't ridden since last Thursday. Today there were high winds. The sort of winds that knock semi-trailer trucks over in Washoe Valley. I chose not to ride today, instead hiding out in a Borders Book Store. The book store is a six mile drive (round trip) from work. Being in the car that long at lunch time made me sick! I felt like I was cheating on my bike. Patrick went riding by himself today making me feel even worse about it. Tomorrow I owe it to myself, my bike, and poor Patrick to get out and ride no matter what the weather.

In the meantime, I'll post this picture from the archives. Bill riding the Flume Trail above Lake Tahoe...just over the hill from where we ride at lunch. Ahhhh...summer time. I miss you.


Sandie said...
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Sandie said...

You OWE it to those of us who have no choice but to NOT ride cos we can't.


rigtenzin said...

That photo should be in a travel magazine.