Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let's Ride!

I was feeling great 3 weeks after my injury, so I decided to hit the trails last week. This was a week earlier than the ER doctor recommended, so I took it easy. The first day we did an easier ride, the Railroad grade. It was, "fricken freezing Mr. Bigglesworth,", but I dressed in everything I own and just did it. All in all I felt pretty tired and out of energy, but was so glad to be back riding. Then Wednesday we did the new Postal Route that is currently being constructed. Going up C1 I remember almost dying. Luckily I was roasting, so I made a quick stop to remove some excess clothing and catch my breath. I really enjoyed the new route, but there was still one section that was not finished yet, probably where Sandie had fallen. I just took it slow and had fun. Then Thursday, we took the same route but in reverse, which was a blast going up the hilly singletrack. Plus, Kathy wanted to ride a bit longer, so we said our good-bye's to the group and took the long way back. We went to the top of Deer Run and came back down the trail again, so we got a lot of singletrack in that day. I had a lot of fun with Kathy. She knows a lot of little side trails that we took on the way back. We also saw the Bobcat that day too so I couldn't have asked for a better end to my first week back.

This week started off great. We did the same Postal Route trail again and noticed the new work that has been done on the trail. Looks like the section that was rough last week is almost finished this week. It is amazing...the little dirt elves have been busy. Thanks Jeff the Postman! I heard that Brent has worked on it some too! It is really coming along and will be a nice singletrack addition to the area! This time I was able to accomplish a section of the Deer Run trail that I haven't been able to do up until now, so I feel real good about that. Jeff got a picture of it above. There is nothing like completing a section that you have been struggling with. You feel like, "wow, that wasn't that bad at all." Now I know I can do it and will be able to from now on.

Wahoo! I just got back from today's ride and it felt awesome! Today we rode Lakeview, and although I was sluggish on the uphill, I was able to complete 2 more little sections of the trail that I had been struggling with. One of the sections is at the top of the hill where you get onto the dirt trail from the street. It is a bumpy and twisty little singe track section, and I have just been fighting it. Today I told myself I was going to do it, and I did it as if I had done it 100 times before. It wasn't even hard! I probably just got it in my head that it was hard, so I sabotaged myself. I got it figured out now though...I tell myself I can do it, and I will be able to do it.

It is such a great feeling to be doing something that you have told yourself for years that you could never do, like biking for example. I would say, "I could never do trails like that or ride in the cold or do hills in the dirt, blah, blah, blah..... Not true anymore because I can finally do it with consistent practice. I am finally past the frustrating stage and into the rewarding stage. Each time I accomplish something new that I wasn't able to do before I feel amazing! It is such a huge personal reward and I just can't get enough. I am trying to share it with everyone, because it's awesome!

Sprint Stats:

Today's Sprint: Coming out of the last turn I was still chatting but decided to go for it, I was in the back, so I moved my way up and tried to get Dennis interested. Then I see Jeff on my left going for it, so I chased after him once he passed me. I finally caught up to him at the last turn but couldn't pass. Next time, Jeff.

Favorite Sprint: Last week I was shifting into gear at the last turn, so I was all ready. I approached Todd's back wheel and he says, "I thought that was you." So he takes off but he's on his single speed. I catch him, then he takes off, I catch him again then he takes off again. I caught him at the end, but then I look up and Kathy zooms by both of us. It was the best! She kept up and then made her move. It was great!

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