Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tag; I'm it.

Ok, here goes. Five things you may not know about me....

1. I like to match. My husband and I wear matching shoes and socks. We wear our, Keens and Smartwool socks, just about everyday. We also have some matching riding gear and plan on having matching road bikes this spring.

2. I was a dancer from 8 years old through college. I performed in several local shows but never made it big.

3. I escaped from the cops, when I was 17! I was attending an under age drinking party with my brother and some friends. When someone opened the door and invited the cops in. The party broke up and people scattered. I pushed out a bedroom screen and jumped out the window. I climbed a wood fence, (in a mini skirt and tights no less), then crawled on my hands and knees through a field of brush. I thought we would be caught for sure when the cops started searching the field with flash lights. I crawled on my belly and made it to the street. Just in time for my brother to pull up in my car. He had stolen it out from under the police. We whispered to our friends in the field, gathered them up, and took off. Now that I think about it, I can remember another incident like this. I was always the kid that never got caught.

4. My husband and I have been together for 18 years now. He is also my bestest riding partner. We met in the Dining Commons at UNR. He taught me the most crucial college survival skills. Like, "how to ditch your classes and still pass" and "how to stay up all night and still make it to class the next day".

5. Natural childbirth sucks! You don't get any points for not having drugs so what's the point. Just opt for the no pain method and enjoy it. I now have a wonderful, handsome, brilliant son who is 6. I am fortunate to be able to stay home with him and enjoy every minute.

6. I used to be a punk rock chick. I was mistaken for a rock-a-billy chick once. Now I am just a biker chick.


Tim said...

Whoa. At first, I misread your No. 1 as "I like to watch."

For a second there, I thought this "five things about me" thing was about to get reeeeeally interesting!

I mean it still was interesting but, well, you know.

Kristy said...

Actually, that was going to be number 7, but I took it off.

gwadzilla said...

it is an interesting list...

but there should be two lists-

-five things I think you know about me


-five things you do not know about me

Kristy said...

True Gwadzilla, the second list is just unpublished. Little secrets are sometimes good to have.