Monday, September 25, 2006

Tim’s Universal Law of Bicycle Quantification

Do you ever hear from the neighbors, "Why did you need another bike? You can't ride them all at once you know!" or "Geez, how many is that now?"? I've often wondered how many bikes were too many.

To quantify this quandary, look to Tim’s Universal Law of Bicycle Quantification at Bicycles and Icicles.

This law is something to think about next time you're at the shop and you see that bike that you simply must bring home. That bike that you lie awake at night weighing the pros and cons of owning. The bike that cries out to you like a Tell-Tale Heart...


Tim said...
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Tim said...

Hey, thanks for the linkage. I've linked you up from my site as well, and I'll be readin' yer stuff from now on.

Yours truly.
Tim, Universal Lawmaker

Jim said...

Now that I'm in the bike business, I find myself less inclined to bring new bikes home. I buy them for the shop, not for myself, you see. I find it satisfying enough to have my hands on the bike during the build and test-ride phase - after that, I live vicariously through my happy customers. I have one bike that I ride a lot (often pictured on my blog). And I have another one for the times when I ride with others on pavement. And there are two or three more that I just can't quite bring myself to sell yet.

Jeff said...

It still sounds like you have your bases covered! I'm pretty content with my current lineup, but a road bike is in my future. I have my eye on a LeMond Tourmalet. I have an old Specialized touring bike that's pretty comfortable, but not real sporty. I wouldn't mind getting a 29er single speed or hard tail down the road either. Other than that I think I'm good... My current favorite bikes are my Kona Kula hard tail, and my On One Inbred single speed.

It's good to see you have a shop and still get to ride! The guy that works in my favorite shop almost seems like a prisoner there.

Also, thanks for linking to our site! I always enjoy reading OIFS!