Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Coiler

Back in the Fall of 2003, I bought a Kona Coiler. And while I've had a couple thousand miles of fun on the bike, I think I bought the bike my ego wanted...or perhaps the bike that would help me become the rider I fantasized about becoming. Three years later, I've almost never "hucked" the bike off anything that I wouldn't do on my race hard tail. I guess I am and always will be an XC guy. Still, the bike is a hoot when pointed down a steep hill. Good line selection is not a priority on this bike since it rolls over everything. This makes it a good bike for some of Tahoe's granite boulder laden trails. A perfect example is the trail shown in the picture. This picture was taken at "The Bench" on the Tahoe Rim Trail. This section of trail has ledges and drop-offs galore...almost all cleared by the big chain ring. This section of trail is pretty brutal, and it seems we take casualties on every ride. The Coiler has always gotten me out and back with no mechanical problems, and in reasonable comfort. I'll have to try the trail on my hardtail and compare the results.

For everyday riding though, where most of my time is spent riding uphill, 35 lbs is just too much to be carrying around. The taller center of gravity on the Coiler makes it harder to turn in the twisty single track, which is my favorite terrain to ride. Right now the bike is sitting sans pedals in my garage...the pedals were moved to my wife's new road bike until she can get some new road pedals. I still plan to ride the bike from time to time, but I have given up on my big air/freeride pipe dreams!

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