Thursday, September 07, 2006

The 69er!

The 2007 Trek Bikes have been released! One new bike that looks interesting is the single speed 69er. The ad claims the rear 26 inch wheel is for acceleration, and the front 29 inch wheel is for cornering. This is not a totally new concept, Carver Bikes has a similar bike called the 96er (I wonder how Trek came up with the name?!?), but the new fork is pretty wild. It's a custom Maverick double crown, inverted fork, looking similar to a modern motocross fork. I prefer a rigid fork on my single speed for lightness and no pedal bob when standing, but if the new fork has a lockout, it may work. Gearing is 2:1 (32:16) because the rear wheel is a 26. It'll be interesting to read the reviews!

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