Friday, September 22, 2006

2007 Specialized

The 2007 Specialized Bikes are now on their website! There's some pretty wild stuff, like the $6500 Stumpjumper S-Works Carbon with "AFR Shock Brain shock with Brain Fade". Some of the stuff seems overly complicated for regular old trail riding, but I guess that's how you drive new technology... On the road side there is the new $3800 Fixed Gear Single Speed Langster. Very cool looking, but I wonder how many of these they actually sell. I notice with Specialized that there seems to be big price gaps. I'll find something that I would almost like if it were spec'd a little higher, but then the next model up is several hundred dollars more. There are some pretty cool colors and paint jobs for this year though...maybe some of the best I've seen for a major production bike!

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