Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The MinusCar Project

The family rode down to the corporate coffee shop tonight (our local coffee shop can't afford to stay open late), and as we were enjoying our beverages we were amazed at all the cars zipping around. What amazes me is that people need to drive everywhere in our little town of only 4,000 people! Everything is so close by that it doesn't make sense to drive when you could easily walk or ride in nearly the same amount of time. It's also irritating that people have to drive over the speed limit to get around when it's only costing them an extra minute if not only seconds. I think our town could do a lot better by having posted bike routes, more bike racks, and more biker friendly businesses. My wife was once turned away at the bank drive-through because she was on a bike, and many businesses have NO BICYCLES/SKATEBOARDS signs. The town has a wonderful skate park, but failed to make it safe to ride to it. Kids are forced to ride the dirt shoulder, or take the overgrown with weeds sidewalk. These are just some of the things you notice when traveling by bike I guess.

If you need motivation to cut down on your trips by car, look no further than the MinusCar Project website. Here you will find motivational essays from folks around the country discussing how they've cut back their reliance on a petrol lifestyle.

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