Friday, March 02, 2007

Shopping around.

Yesterday, Jeff and Amy took me on a road ride, that I have never done before. They called it their Around Carson ride. I am not as familiar with the Carson streets so here is my best attempt at relaying the route. Starting at Potter's house on the West side, we made our way up to Arrowhead then turned onto Goni Rd. Then to Graves St. across Highway 50 to Edmonds. We took side roads and explored a little by Brunswick Canyon, then crossed the river over to the Empire Ranch area. We stopped by the stable where Amy's mare, Flicka resides. We checked out the horses and gave out treats. There were some pretty big horses there! Then we made our way back to Potter's house, by taking 5th street and looping back around. We got a nice tour of town, plus I was glad to get some much needed practice riding in traffic.

I took this picture as we were heading up Edmonds. It was quite a challenge getting this shot, while riding up hill trying to keep up. This was my view of Team Potter, the majority of the day. It was a nice to have them as my tour guides, because I sure don't feel comfortable riding in traffic on my own yet. All in all it was a nice easy riding day.

Afterwards at the Potter's we relaxed with some Chi Tea and Amy showed me how to make bagels. I always look forward to winding down from a ride at Cafe De Potter. The food is always homemade and the conversation is never dull. It's amazing what you can learn about someone over tea and strumpets. We had some laughs and Tank got his Honey Bush.


Chris said...

The pic of the snow covered mountains is awesome.

Tank said...

Honey Bush. Now that's what I'm talkn' bout.