Thursday, March 29, 2007

Russel's Revenge

Years ago, we named this climb "Russel's Revenge". Scott was the first one in the gang to make the climb without stopping, so we gave him the honors. The hill continues to get steeper at the top. Right when you are almost ready to give up, there is a choice between whoop-de-dos and a slippery off-camber side. There is more traction on the side, but you must sprint through it so you don't fall into the whoops and spin out.

Todd displayed the common side effects of Russel's Revenge. Severe oxygen depletion and nausea.

The view from the top ain't bad!

I rode again after work and got to see the trail in a different light.


Kristy said...

Great shot of Todd! I bet you were glad you didn't eat a big lunch. eh?

lauren said...

heh, yeah, i like that picture.

it says so much. and we've certainly all been there.

Todd said...

The desire not to blow chunks is one of main reasons I don't eat before a ride. I never know which climb we're going to do and I don't want to mess up my nice shoes.

Wednesday was the first time I successfully completed that climb in about a year and a half. The trail was in great condition, but the extra pounds I'm carrying got me more winded than I ever remember being.

The tricky part is that you don't know how winded you are until you stop pedaling and then it hits like a sledge hammer. We did some narrow single track climbing after that and I was so light headed I rolled off the trail twice.

Chris said...

Looks like a tough climb. Did anyone make it today without touching?

Jeff said...

Yeah, we both made it.

Marcus said...

Thanks for the post. I am new to CC and have been scopin' the trails. I googled " ash Canyon,,carson city" and your story came up. Nice " Yak" photo. I did find the trail head and rode single track all the way up to the " point of Yakkage" Pretty bitchin. Trail needs more people on it cus its getting overgrown ( i cant believe I said that) usually trails need less riding. anyway. if you peeps ride regularly during lunch I would gladly be a " yakee" i work downtown CC and can usually break free. please email me.

Jeff said...

Todd didn't vomit, he was just gasping for O2. The reason the trail looks overgrown is because it isn't but a couple months old. You're riding virgin trail, buddy! I'll send you an email about riding!