Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Prison Hill

Prison Hill
Originally uploaded by Facility Bike Club.
Tonight after work I met Brent and Jeff P. for some single track riding on Prison Hill. Prison Hill is flanked by a medium security prison on the south and a maximum security prison on the north. The place could also be called Prison Hell because of all the steep climbs. First gear, mouth gaping, lung burning climbs. This, mixed in with great single track... I brought my 35lb Coiler for tonight's ride. I was hating it on the climbs, but very thankful for the extra control on the steep rocky descents. There are more pictures here if you'd like to check them out.


Sandie said...

Lung burning climbs in beach sand - you forgot to mention that fun tidbit!

Jeff said...

Oh yeah...some of that sand even stopped my 2.5 tires!

Brent said...

I believe the designations have been changed on the prisons to Minimum and Medium. Another side note... An Innocent Man (starring Tom Sellec) was filmed at the medium security prison on 5th St. They painted the grass at a McD's in town green to film a scene that was never used. C-Town film trivia brought to you by Entertainment Rainman.