Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kristy's 29er

Kristy ordered an On One Inbred 29er last week, and it arrived on Monday. We assembled it on Monday night, and Kristy has ridden it a couple times this week. Today I rode my On One 26er...basically the same bike with smaller wheels. Both are single speeds, steel frames, with no suspension. The 29er has a slightly higher bottom bracket, but the flat bars are about the same height as my riser bars.

Kristy even let me ride it towards the end of the dirt section. I've been wanting to try a 29 inch wheeled bike for quite some time now. I was going to try to be very careful during my first test ride, and note any subtle differences in the way the bikes handled. I thought I may even have to ride a section a couple times to notice something.

I ended up being surprised instantly though. The bigger wheels rolled over stuff much easier. Little bumps and rocks seemed to disappear. I still felt the larger impacts of course, since it has a rigid fork. Conversely, Kristy said my bike felt like a pinball...bouncing off every little thing in the trail. Kristy will be riding her Stump Jumper with some friends in Reno tomorrow, and has agreed to let me test ride the 29er some more. I can't wait!


Chris said...

You are going to need a bigger garage bro. If I ever get back into mtb, I want to try a 29 myself.

rigtenzin said...

I concur. The effects of 29ers are not a myth.

I'm contemplating my next one. I like the Karate Monkey, but the Redline is such an awesome price. I'm in no hurry though. And Redline introduced their deluxe version with disc brakes and a better frame.

Jeff said...

Yeah, the garage is getting a bit tight...some stuff has got to go.

Rigtenzin...have you slain the dude who stole your Redline yet?

Todd said...

I respectfully disagree. I rode a 29er last year for a few days and was not impressed. If my 26er is a sports car, the 29er is an SUV. It's big, slow, and doesn't handle very well.

lauren said...


i have a friend who swears by his 29er. guess it just depends.

how many bikes do you guys have? i think you need to post a pic of your storage area.

that might be a good blog post for everyone. what's in your garage?

Jeff said...

Todd - Was the 29er you rode a full suspension bike? I wonder how that plays into the whole equation. I'll know more from my test today on how it applies to rigid single speeds.

Lauren - I'm not sure...I'll have to send out the census bureau! They are spread around the garage, so it's hard to photograph...that and my garage is a disaster right not...needs some cleaning! Ok...there are 20 rideable bikes. One is out back, and one is out on loan though.

Michelle said...

I think I'm too short for a 29'er. Congratulations on your newest ride, kristy! You guys rock!

I have read that 29'er are smoother over bumps but slower manervering and less gitty up of the starting line than 26.

Todd said...

My 29er was a full suspension model, and to be honest, the trails I was riding were primarily smooth, flat, and tight by our standards. I didn't get a chance to ride over many things, but it was a slow turning beast.

A picture of my garage? I'm far too paranoid for that. I had all of my bikes and most of my tools stolen from my locked garage last year.

My collection has risen to 4 ridable bikes. I have two geared mountain bikes, one single speed mountain bike, and now a road bike.

Kristy said...

Thanks Michelle! I have only had 2 rides on it so far, but I think I am going to like it. I got a 16" and it fits me great. Jeff seems to fit nicely on it too, so that's convenient.

We got the garage cleaned up a bit last weekend and organized the bikes a bit. We have a lot of fun toys for sure!