Thursday, March 01, 2007

Greasy Snow

The weather hasn't warmed up as quickly as I had hoped, so the snow is still hanging around. Unfortunately, it's just warm enough to make the snow slushy. It's like trying to ride in grease! It's pretty frustrating, because it's only 1-2 inches thick, but nearly unrideable unless it's been packed down. And even then, it's sketchy at best. We stuck to the road for 99% of the ride today. Oh...and I need to find my's MIA.

Kristy did a road ride with the Potter's today, and took her camera. Expect a post from that ride soon...


Jeff P said...

Try studded tires.They worked great on my morning commute.

Todd said...

Barbara and I tried to ride the Obervatory Run. We busted our butts and managed to get as high as the first loop back point.

The downhill was a blast, though. There was no traction at all. We made several transitions from trail to sagebrush and back to trail again, but managed to make our way down without any dabs or face plants.