Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Windy Daze

Windy Day
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It's been several days since my last post. I've been fighting a cold, and haven't felt like doing much of anything! I was able to ride yesterday though. It was a sunny day with brutal winds. And not just winds from any particular direction...the foothills and canyons seem to direct wind in multiple directions. Usually the opposite direction you are riding. In this first picture, Barbara is taking it easy down the hill. It's hard to appreciate from this angle, but there's a pretty good drop off the right hand side of the photo. The wind was trying really hard to push us over the edge!

The winds were high today, and it looks like even worse tomorrow. Wind driven snow/rain. Yippee! If I'm feeling better tomorrow, I'll have to come up with some new excuse not to ride. Maybe I'll create an emergency at work...

I felt great on Monday though! It was a cold day, but we had lots of sunshine. We were able to get a 30 mile road ride from Carson City through Washoe Valley and back. We had originally planned to ride from Folsom (where Johnny Cash really wasn't in prison) to Old Sacramento and back, but the weather didn't cooperate. The Washoe Valley loop was a good substitute.

In environmental news, it looks like the Bush Administration wants to build a new Coal Power plant in Eastern Nevada. I bet our new coal friendly governor/ex congressman couldn't wait to get this dirty project going. In a state that is full of wind, sun, and geothermal energy potential, a huge coal plant is ridiculous. If you'd like to take action and preserve your cyclist lungs, protect your family from mercury emissions, slow down global warming, etc., it's easy. Just visit the NRDC Take Action webpage, fill in the blanks and hit submit. There are plenty of other action items to get involved in too. Check it out!


Todd said...

Go get 'em Lefty!

On the other hand, the project will be an economic benefit to Nevada and since it is located in Eastern Nevada, any smoke it generates will blow into Utah. What was the downside again?

By the way, you missed a good ride today. It seemed warmer than yesterday and the wind wasn't as strong. It's also a blast to catch a good tail wind on the downhill. Yippee!

Jeff said...

Economic benefit? Maybe for coal mine owners and their buddies. And unless you plan on "ah workin' in a coal mine" or being a "coal miner's daughter", I doubt the rest of Nevadans will see any benefit.

Chris said...

I wondered where you were.