Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sunday's are for Riding

Last Sunday me, Brent, and the Chili Dog headed out for a quick ride at Centennial Park before Brent's first of two Futsal games that day (he slept like a baby that night).

It has rained quite a bit the day before so the trail was in pristine condition. The weather was a bit chilly with quite a bit of a head wind on the way back but other than that, the sun was shining.

Here is a video I shot of Brent coming down the beginning section that is basically a rock garden with jagged rocks and huge boulders. It is a bitch to climb!

1 comment:

Dirty Bert said...

dogs rule!

they certainly climb and brake better than me.

i miss riding. it's 2 soggy here to ride.

~dirty bert