Friday, February 09, 2007

Hmm.... a 29r Single Speed?

So the other night Jeff and I were on the Internet for hours looking at frames. We decided it would be cool to get a 29r single speed frame. That way the bigger tires would soften the bumps a little while keeping the front end light too. After looking at many frames we kept coming back to this Karate Monkey by Surly. I really liked the frame and it comes with a matching fork. You all know how I like to match.

I could run the bike single speed, geared, 1x9, rim brakes, disc brakes, put a rack on it, run just about any tire's very versatile! And the price is right...

And Jeff just pointed out that the initials for Karate Monkey, KM, match my initials!


Squirrel said...

I love my Monkey and you definately can't beat that price. I still love me little (26'rs) bikes but only race the big wheels now:) I'd get one if I were you:)


Anonymous said...

Look at the Soma Juice.