Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Today was even warmer than yesterday! I wore my shorts, and light duty long long sleeve jersey. Once underway, I felt like I could've gone with a short sleeve! We had a rather large group today, including our other FNG, Scott. The warm weather has brought out all the hibernators. We had a great pace getting to the dirt, and everyone was climbing very strongly. We regrouped at the top of the Deer Run and prepared for our descent.

Once we regrouped at the top of the Postal Route, we agreed that the next checkpoint would be the beginning of the new trail, "Jackrabbit". When I got to the end of the Postal Route, I started looking for the spot where I face planted a couple weekends ago. And then there it was...very near my impact crater...The Quotable Helmet. The trailside curiosity stopped me dead in my tracks. Hanging off the front of the inscribed helmet was the Red Teletubbie, "Po". I carefully observed the Quotable Helmet from a distance, not wanting to disturb this rare artifact.

Once the rest of the gang had arrived at the helmet, someone said, "Hey look...there's a note on it!". Ah yes, there it was...a rolled up pink message in Po's circular chapeau. I didn't see it earlier. One of the gang started to read it, and then said, "It's addressed to you, Jeff...". "What the...?!?" I thought to myself, or even possibly out loud. As I read the message aloud to the gang, I began to realize what was going on here. A memorial-like helmet at the same location where I broke my visor and dented my helmet. This could only be the work of the....Potters...

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Plan your revenge.