Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Jeff, Amy and I did a lunch time road ride today. Our road bikes have been a little jealous, while our mountain bikes have been getting all the action. We did two tough climbs today, the first one started up King's Canyon road. We had a fierce headwind which made the climb difficult and slow going. Usually the reward is in the downhill, but today it was not the case. The wind came through the canyon from both directions in gusty bursts, so it was hard for me to let loose. At the bottom, we did a quick time check. We decided that 15 minutes was enough time to get across the valley to Lakeview, and still get Jeff back to work on time.

We felt a few sprinkles of rain along the way but decided to go for it anyways. I am glad we did too. By the time we were ready to head up Lakeview, the goo (Power bar Jell) that I sampled at Amy's house before the ride, had kicked in. Let me just say that my body isn't used to caffeine, so the double dose made me feel like, I was all hopped up on Mountain Dew. I couldn't believe how much easier the climb felt. Usually on my mountain bike, I am praying for the final stretch. Today, I found myself sprinting to the end.

Personal note to self...
caffeine = fast, fun
no caffeine = slow, miserable

Captains log supplemental....
I got a big kick out of watching Jeff suffer a little last night. He said, "man am I tired, that was like two lunch time rides in one!" I just snickered and said, "oh so your tired huh," as if I wasn't. I have waited a long time for this day. I remember many times where he has done circles around me, or even climbed to the top of the hill and come back to meet me. I just look at him in disgust when he can easily carrying on a conversation, while I am struggling to breathe and trying to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

Lookout I come!


Jeff said...

You were starting to drop me on the first climb, and I started going over in my head what was wrong with me. Did I not eat properly? Do I need to start drinking more water? ...and then come to find out you and Amy were doping! That's it! Give me some of that nasty old Gu stuff!

Wait...belay that order. I want an excuse if you start kicking my butt again...

Kristy said...

I started out real strong but tired out pretty quick from the wind. Amy smoked both of us on that climb.

I think it was just me doping, Amy forgot to have hers. She is just naturally very powerful!