Monday, June 04, 2007

Random Thoughts on Monday

We've had a good turnout on the lunch time rides lately. A few months ago I was lamenting the pitiful turnout on the rides, and was wondering if an era had come to an end. Fortunately through completely random turns of events, the ranks are replenished and there is almost always somebody to ride with. Each new rider brings fresh dynamics to the group. New bikes, personalities, riding styles, and senses of fashion keep the same old trails fresh. The group today in no way resembles the group from five years ago. It makes me smile to think of all the neat people I've gotten to know through the lunch time rides.

It's also funny to think about the amount of time I've spent in bathroom stalls performing the perfunctory change of clothes for the bicycle rides. I'm quite the expert at standing on one foot. There is a small restroom in the basement where I work that only changes one. There are two of us that ride from this building, so one of us sometimes has to go upstairs to the lobby restroom. The lobby restroom has toilets with automatic flush systems. The kind that sense movement. When you stand in the stall and change, all the contortions you put your body through cause the toilet to flush no less than three times. Four flushes are not uncommon. I often wonder if I'm known upstairs as "Mr. Four Flusher".

There isn't much I'd rather do with my lunch hour. It far surpasses hunting Fred in my opinion.


Marcus said...

Lunch time ride is always the best part of my day.
mmmmm mmmmh! Doesn't Fred look delicious! nah don't worry boy, yah din't kilt tha family pet, he needed killin!

lauren said...

that's so cool that you guys have so many people showing up to ride with at lunch!

Scott said...

I miss the funny banter as much as the riding. The after ride email exchanges were also priceless.

Sandie said...

This is a great pic, it was right after I made it to the top of the hill first. I NEVER thought that would happen. Todd could not take it so you can see he was right on my butt...yesterday - well that is another story isn't it.

Todd said...

Oh sure! The one time a girl beats me to the top of the hill, it's a Kodak moment!

Well, that day I was riding my 50 pound single speed wearing ankle weights.

...and I had a hangover

Michelle said...

Mr. 4-flusher, funny!!! :)

Just in the last 2 days, I have had 3 co-workers TALK about MAYBE going for a bike ride in the PARKING LOT during lunch.

Small steps are better than none!

Jeff said...

The parking lot? Sounds like a bicycle rodeo for kids! Unless of course it's a megamall style parking lot. They are huge and full of perilous obstacles like shoppers in big suv's fighting for parking spots. There may even be some rock and ledge challenges through the planters!

Jeff said...

...and Michelle...Anyone who does Winter White Water Tubing in there own backyard, can come up with a cool route through the parking lot! Don't let them off easy!