Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cap'n Sausage Lives to Ride

Tuesday was a rather warm but windy day. I sifted through my bike bag to pick out my attire. My choices were the Jersey I wore yesterday, that was rather smelly, or this wife beater shirt that was a size too small 4 years ago when my friend Jessy gave it to me. Hmmmm It did smell springtime fresh, so I put it on.... feels pretty tight but I'm outta here... On top of that, Sandie had bailed at the last minute because it was a little too windy. Since I broke my frame AND my Seat post in all in the last month, Sandie has been referring to me as a " Lard Ass ". Since she wasn't coming, I figured I was safe from being heckled. Just suck in the gut when I hit get to the stop signs.

We met at SC and Jeff, Todd, Scott and I began our ascent to Ash Canyon. Since I broke my frame, Jeff was generous enough to let me borrow his single speed. This would be my second ride on it. As we pedaled up the street and hooked up with Jon at the usual meeting spot, I was getting more and more tuned in to the single speed. We climbed up the " fastway". Riding the single speed was awesome. It is amazing how much feel you lose on a full suspension. I was really using body english and concentrating on keeping smooth line to keep my pedaling efficient. When we got to the top of the postal route, Jeff started snapping pictures of me. It wasn't until I saw the pic on flickr that I had to laugh at how ludicrous I looked! No wonder my wife has been trying to throw this Jersey away for the last three years!
WoooHooo! Skynnaaarrd! I think I am going to keep this shirt on and go watch some Nascar! Anyway, Just as Michael Bolton doesn't let the fact that he is a terrible singer with a bad hairdo stop HIM from making the big bucks and having all the Ho's on his jock, I wasn't going to let my bad fashion choice stop me from having a fabulous ride! Cap'n Sausage Rides Again!
So we pedaled up Deer Run, regrouped as usual and hit the downhill. What a blast! My Sleek Sausage Casing Attire made me cut through the wind and feel great. The single speed felt great underneath me. The speed was slower than my full suspension, but the fun was just as good or better. We made our way down the postal route. Jeff took off first and was really pouring it on. He was outta sight when I caught up to him he had hit a soft berm and was jettisoned off the trail. He didn't fall (yet) and I passed him by. I was getting my groove on, pushing the bike through the turns, singing in my head Michael Bolton's " When a maaaahn luvs a woooman!" We regrouped and took Jackrabbit down. Jeff started in the lead again and pulled over to take some nice pics. Another fun time on the trail!

Todd and I were waiting at the bottom of Jackrabbit when Jeff decided to " Boost Out" of the final whoopdee at the end of the trail. The same whoopdee I broke my swing arm on. As I was watching his take off, the front tire washed out and Jeff full on whiped out! His arms straight out as he landed in the sand and the dust was flying. It was great. I started laughing immediately, and Jeff quickly recovered. He got up and rode to us to give us the play by play. He was smiling a great big dirt smile. His teeth and face were covered! Jeff's explanation was that on the 29er, the wind caught the front tire like a sail, and knocked him off balance... Well, my only advice is to follow my lead and wear some skin tight clothing. Back it up with 2 orders of Bacon Cheddar Potato wedges and a cheeseburger to chase it down. Don't forget to add " Sour Cream" to the wedges. Delicious.

Chalk up another great ride for the FBC. Always rich in Excitement and Fashion!


Jeff said...

That was a good day! I loved the tail wind while we were climbing. It sure helped on the single speeds. It was also a day when I was thankful I lug that camera around wherever I go.

I had a perfect take off on the jump. A huge gust of wind came up right when I pulled the bike up into the air, and it pushed the front end over to the left. I knew I wasn't going to land it at that point. I was picking dirt out of my ears the rest of the day...

Brent said...

First of all... Sandie MAYBE weighs 100 lbs soakin wet. The wind that day almost knocked ME down. Don't try to make her look less tough than she is by saying it was "a little too windy". She rode her bike several miles with a broken ankle. Who else here can say that? Not me... My legs hurt from soccer last weekend and I took a nap on my lunch break Monday... and Tuesday.

Marcus said...

Ha! Brent- You crack me up. I think its funny how you interpreted what I/Sandie said. Just like everyone else, I am lookin to have a good time on this blog. You want to talk? Check your email I sent you my phone number.

Brent said...

Dude, don't take offense... I'm funnin too. Note the part where I display my sissy flag by saying I took 2 days off riding for no good reason. No email bro... are you sure you sent it?

Marcus said...

Brent- Thanks for the email. I understand now. Lets build a campfire and sing Kumbaya.

Jeff- Now now, we all wipe out now and then... Just makes us know we are pushing the envelope. But Making mother nature your " Fall Guy" ( no pun intended)? That fall was classic. It reminded me that I am just a big kid who likes to play in the dirt with all the rest of the big kids.