Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Playing on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Amy and I spent another day exploring the Tahoe Rim Trail last Wednesday. It was Charlie's last full day of school so we had one last full play day before summer break. We got an early start and headed up to Spooner Lake. We rode up to Marlette Lake and then made our way to the TRT trail. I got this great picture from the top. Talk about views, this is one of my favorites! We followed the TRT down around Twin Lakes, then to the Flume and back to the car. It was a perfect day for this epic ride!

This section had lots of big boulders that were challenging to maneuver around. In fact I remember an older hiker nipping at my heals, as I hauled my butt and my bike up some of the tougher sections. I sure had fun though, I really enjoyed trying to find the best way through each technical section. It sure feels good when you can get through a spot that seems impossible.

Check out some more pictures taken that day. They are mixed in with our TRT ride, South Camp Loop, from the following week.

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