Saturday, June 09, 2007

2007 Slow Rollers Poker Run

Bikes at the Lake
Originally uploaded by Facility Bike Club.
Coming up soon is the 2007 Slow Rollers Poker Run and Show and Shine. It looks like they decided to do the Show and Shine first this year on Saturday June 23rd.

The Poker Run will be on the 24th, and will begin at 1:00 PM at the Horizon Casino. Get there around noon to get registered, enter the raffles, and hang out with the other riders. If following the previous year's format, the route will be 8-10 miles, and stop at Tahoe businesses along the way. Last year there were three beverage stops along the way...two bars and a coffee shop.

Kristy and I have three extra cruisers available (one is an old 3 speed bike stuck in 3rd gear), so if you're interested in using one for the day, let us know! While most of the bikes on the route are beach cruiser style bikes, it's not uncommon to see a few mountain bikes or single speeds. The less technologically advanced your bike is the better though. Leave the spandex at home! Your chance of winning the poker hand is the same no matter which bike you ride. The prize is usually a new cruiser bike, and last year they raffled off a New Belgium Brewing bike too.

Hope to see you there! More info can be found HERE.


Chris said...

Sounds like fun. You can get blitzed while riding in that it sounds like. Get the gin and juice ready.

Brent said...

Sandie and I have a couple extra cruisers as well... Join the fun, you won't regret it. BBQ afterward too!

lauren said...

ha! that's funny - what chris wrote. i was thinking the same thing.

it sounds pretty cool. i like the pic from last year.

Jeff said...

Yep. You're always going pretty slow on those bikes, so there isn't much to worry about.

Another event that is coming up is the Tour de Fat. Again, drinking beer is encouraged.

wolfy said...

Best thing is that there's time for a ride and a Burger at Izzy's before!


Jeff said...

Yeah, the ride time is pretty late. Maybe to accommodate people with hangovers?