Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Lakeview- Lounge Ride

We met at SC 11:38. It was Todd, Jeff M. , Sandie and Me ( Marcus). It was a beautiful, sunny day. Not to hot. A very slight breeze. We rolled up the pavement at a good pace as usual. Unusually normal conversations... Nothing too witty was said. No exciting encounters with any motor vehicles. Just rolled up the streets towards the hills. Todd did mention that he is preparing his house for his move in family! I will be thinking positive thoughts for you and will keep a vision of happiness for all of you. Moving requires physical and mental strength to stay positive. Find the opportunity in any setbacks!

When we hit Combs Canyon Rd. we encountered another Mt. Biker. Todd, Jeff and I passed him and I pushed as hard as I could up the long grade. Sandie, being the social butterfly, talked to Jon and he joined us for the rest of the ride.

We re-grouped at the intersection of Lakeview and were soon on the dirt. We pedaled to the top of the hill and bombed the sandy downhill. Someone had gone through the trouble of lugging some pretty big boulders into the middle of the trail. What for? I don't know. Maybe to stop erosion? If it was meant to slow us down it didn't work. Lots of smiles as we blazed down the hill.

We got on the old railroad track trail with the yippy skippy big ring hills on the side. I have to say this section is becoming more and more fun. There are so many opportunities to De-Wieght along the corners with lots of smooth transitions. Thats what its all about. Kinda like a roller coaster except I get to pick the line. Like Disneyland without the lines and the 6 hr drive.

It could all be summed up as a typical ride. No one was injured. No real fancy tricks were done. There were some smiles but nothing really funny was said. A full on Lounge Ride. A great day to be greatful for all the wonderful things we have. The abundance in our lives. We work next to these wonderful trails. We have state of the art technology that allows us to enjoy them at high speeds. We are all healthy. I look forward to riding this route in the decades to come....


Jeff said...

Thanks for the post, Marcus! It's nice to have others contribute with fresh ideas. It's also cool to see a picture of me for a change!

lauren said...

is that jeff doing the wheelie!?


Jeff said...

I was just getting ready to leave the ground. You come into this section fast and the bike gets real light. Problem is, both Marcus and I thought the take off was further back, and that's where the focus is...the picture was snapped just a second too soon.

Marcus said...

Next time we do Lakeview, I will nail that shot. I will get a bigger head start to get a better position too. If everyone spreads out enough for the " Digital Delay" I will get a shot of the whole crew!