Monday, May 21, 2007

FBC Rules, beyond all that has ever ruled before...

uuuuhhhh, Bevis, Like this totally rules..Uhmm Yeah! Like rules more than Maddona and Britney Spears kissing...uhmm, yeah!

Another great lunchtime ride. Could not beat the weather. It was sunny with a cool breeze..
Check out Todd cresting the top of Lakeside on the fully suspended stead

By the way Jeff is smiling, you'd think he just got off the boat at Fantasy Island.
De Plane, De Plane!! Smiles everyone Smiles!

I tried to take a picture of everyone hitting this jump, but my timing was off for everyone except Jon, who did catch a notable amount of Air. Lookin' good!

We pedaled back to our offices. I just smile at all the others in the building. Some of them will never experience the level of excitement I just had on my lunch break.


Chris said...

I can barely take pictures of people on the flat let alone jumping. I still haven't mastered the focus/shoot thing. Too much focusing and too little clicking.

Brent said...

You guys need better cameras... or maybe explore the one you have. Our camera has a setting that lets you take up to 16 photos in a row if you hold the button. Then it keeps the last four. Or you can take 4 photos in a different setting the same way. We use this to take soccer photos... would prolly work great for cycling photos.

Marcus said...

Yeah, I use the sport setting, but the time delay is unpredictable. It has to do with the state of the battery and the quality of the pic. I need to take some time and experiment with the manual in my hand.