Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jonesin' on a Friday Night...

Well, the kids went to sleep. My wife is cropping photos to go scrapbooking tomorrow. I am online in the garage. I have my laptop hooked into the stereo so I can watch music videos while I tune my bike on the stand. I am reading the Facility bike club blog. Thinking about El Dorado Canyon... that great shot of Sandie and Kathy way above Carson City. The flume trail is opening. I look at my work bench. My 2 night rider batteries are ready and waiting on the charger. Hmmmm it is late, but I won't get to ride again until Monday, maybe Tuesday. I quickly make a decision. Bring up my map software and print 2 maps of Ash Canyon/Hobart Reservoir. As they are printing, I go to the living room to tell Lisa I am going for a night ride. " Will you be careful?" Many snappy answers come to the tip of my tounge but I am wise... Oh yes. " Yes, I'll be careful, I am printing up a map just in case you dont see me in the morning." ( This has only happened once, and I called!) Thats a whole nother story.

Anyway. I loaded up my gear, drank a red bull and drove to foothill cr. off Winne Drive to start my ride. I had forgotton what a production it is to get the bike ready for a night ride. All the straps for the lights. Mounting brackets. And of course, the headphones so I can sing out loud as I blaze through the mountains.

I took the fast track to the postal route (SGP) then Deer Run where I did my best self portrait action shot on a night ride photo.

Then I pedaled up Outlaw trail and there is a big water box up there. I tripped me out because I had the headphones on, and I thought it was just a big abandoned cement structure. When I got near it I couldnt figure out what the noise was and I freaked out a little and ripped the headphones off my ears. Then I could tell it was water. Trip out..

I took a picture of Carson City from there. It was cool.

Well, it was windy up there, but still pretty mild. It was great to be way out there, just enjoying the solitude. Good tunes and good exersize. I decided to keep pedaling up. I took the fire road farther into the canyon. I looked at my map and saw there was a steep fire road going up to another water tower way up the mountain. I decided to take the fire road up. I could see at least 1 Mt. Bike track coming down this road. Thats always a good sign. I pedaled as much as I could, continued to check the map. Walked some, then pedaled more. It was steep. I followed the mt. bike track up to some single track. According to the Map, it was going get really steep here. There were lots of fallen trees on the trail. It was a sweet trail. Not really climbable but coming down was going to be fun. I suspect this is another one of Jeff P.'s projects?

Typically, I don't do night rides without moonlight.... You just cant see past your lights and you miss too much scenery. As I climed past the deadfall the view of the city was clear. I had gotten some serious elevation gain. I was in Hike- a Bike mode.

Finally, I hit the main dirt road to Hobart. It was sandy, but still pretty packed down. I put it in Granny Gear and pedaled up the hill. It was barely do-able for me. I just put my head down and started thinking about making really nice circles. Soon enough I was at the Water Tower. According to the map it was going to get flat after this. I could see the outline of Washoe Lake, and the Atlantis Casino in Reno... Mmmh, I want to hit that buffet right about now... aaah maybe not, it was way to smokey in there last time I went.

So I am thinking I can make it to Hobart reservior now. I have burned a solid 2 hrs on my handle bar mounted light, I should have 2 more hrs to go. I have only burned a half hour on my helmet light and that model should burn for at least another hour. I will save it for the down hill. So I pedal the flat dirt road to the gate.
But after the gate it starts seriously climbing again. I look at the map. I look at the time. Its midnight! Dang. with all the production of getting my lights ready and getting out the the trail head, I didnt get started until 10 pm. Ok. Time to turn around. I won't be able to see hobart reservoir anyway with no moonlight ( the moon rises at 2 AM, I am not going to wait)

So I turn around and start blazing down the mountain. Just then, my iPod starts playing " Flashlight" by Parlament. Talk about gettin down... I love that ipod. Now I am blazing down the mountain, watching all the field mice blindly scurry away from me. When I got back to the truck it was 12:50. Didnt take long at all to get back.

I wanted to post my story for your weekend entertainment. Happy Mothers Day weekend to all. I will look forward to riding on Tuesday for lunch!



Scott said...


Jeff said...

Cool story! You are very brave!

I stayed home and watched the 80's flick Gremlins. I was probably asleep before you started riding.

oldmanandhisbike said...

What an awesome "sounding" ride!

Marcus said...

I may pack my small chainsaw one evening and take the trees out of the way of that one section.

Jeff- Do you own Gremlins? If so can a borrow? I forgot all about that movie. Saw it in the theater way back when. The first time I watched it freaked me out. The second time it was a comedy.

Kristy said...

Wow! What an adventure!

We just borrowed Gremlins from the video store. Good 80's flick. Charlie was pretty amazed. He wanted to know all about Magwai? and Gremlins. They are real party animals, he said.