Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday Commute

Sticking to my personal goal, I commuted by bicycle on Friday. I would love to tell you of the people I met and the adventure I had, but in reality, the commute was rather routine today. But not in a bad way!

My first few attempts at bicycle commuting were like Apollo Moon Missions. Careful planning and preparations were needed for each run. Yesterday I just woke up and went. I was even on time for work! Something that never happens when commuting by car. So when I say routine, I mean that it was no big deal to just get up and go. Everything I needed for the day was in my Camel Bak.

The views were once again spectacular, but some of the other experiences were not. I got passed by trucks hauling garbage and rotting, fermented landscaping waste. The smell lingered along the road for way too long. On the way home out of Carson City, I had to deal with two German shepherds. I'd pass the pickup truck with the dogs at the 4way stops, and then they'd pass me when they got rolling again. Each time it scared the crap out of me when the dogs started barking.

At lunch, I rode with some of the FBC riders. They did a dirt loop, so I left them and met them where the dirt trails started and ended. I got some good hill climbing in, and made it all the way to the Washoe County border. I rode in three counties today!

The ride home had some strong cross winds from the West, but now that I'm more familiar with the road, they're not too bad to deal with. When I arrived home, Kristy made me some Pad Thai. This was enjoyed with a couple North Coast Brewing Company California Pale Ales. I laid down on the couch at 8:00 PM, and passed out cold...

Bicycle miles: 42
Car miles: 0


Reno Rambler said...

Nice blog. Funny how many blogs deal with cycling. It certainly inspires passion among the bicycling faithful.

Keep the rubber side down.

Jeff said...

Thanks, RR! I look forward to reading your blog as well. Reading bike blogs is what I like to do when I'm not riding or working on bikes. I love the online bicycle community!

Smudgemo said...

I'm planning a Tahoe vacation in August. Let's get out for a ride.

Jeff said...

That'd be cool. No plans for August yet, so I (and others) should be free!

Kristy said...

You did pass out cold right after I gave you a foot massage. You started to drool a bit with your mouth wide open. You were completely relaxed and satisfied concluding a great week of riding.

It don't get much better dan dat!