Saturday, November 11, 2006

What did you do on Friday?

Being a government worker, or should I say employee, I get all the holidays off. My husband, not being a government employee, does not.

So Kath and I went on a bike ride, with her husband Mike. We brought him along for bear food, figured it would give us just enough time to escape while the bear was nibbling on him. Or he could just scare the bear off for us - whatever.

We rode from Hobart Rd. (in Lakeview) to the crossroads where you can either drop into Hobart reservior or go across to Ash Canyon. We chose to go back the way we came and then take a single track over and drop into Timberline. Mike was a big help, he even moved a tree that had fallen onto the trail out of our way. If he did not have my camera at the time, I totally would have taken a picture of it.

You can read about our Veterans Day Ride on my family blog.


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rigtenzin said...

"We brought him along for bear food, ..."

I like that. I plan to use that to describe some of my riding partners. Although we don't have bears around here, so I'll have to replace bears with another predator -- angry squirrels or a cranky racoon.