Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Job

After 11 years of working at the place we call "The Facility", I decided to take a new job across the street. I scored a semi-large cubicle in the basement, right next to an access door to the outside. It should be perfect for getting my bike in and out of the building in a stealth like manner, disturbing very few people. Soon that is...

I don't have keys to the access door yet. This means I can sneak out quickly, but to get back in, I'll need to go through the front lobby, through a door, down the stairs, down some halls, etc. I'm not quite ready to introduce my new world to spandex tights, so I'm going to make my car my base of operations for the next couple of weeks. I'll probably pre-change in the restroom, and then finish it off in the car, reversing the process when I return.

Whatever I do, I need to figure it out soon! I've barely ridden the past three weeks. No riding=very few posts to the blog. Kristy and I plan to do some road riding today, so hopefully I'll get some new pictures up today!

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