Monday, November 06, 2006

Adventure in the Pine Nuts

Sunday we got the gang together for a ride in the Pine Nuts. Even Scott made the ride, coming all the way from Maryland. Here's the picture of the gang at the trail head.

The ride started off great. Just miles of smooth singletrack up a slight uphill grade.

We rested near the top and started the downhill. The downhill was a blast! Tight single track with lots of little whoop-de-do sections.

We did the downhill in sections, pausing at every crossroad to regroup. Kristy didn't show up at the last checkpoint, so I rode back to check on her. I found her laying motionless in the middle of the trail with her bike on top of her! Another bike was coming along and helped me get the bike off her. It looked like she slid out, coming in too fast on a set of deep braking bumps right before a corner. She had a lot of road rash, and lots of dirt in her nose and mouth. When she finally started talking, she didn't know where she was, or what she was doing. She thought it seemed odd that she had so many friends standing around. Luckily we were near a dirt road, and a couple of the guys were able to ride back to the car quickly and get the car in close enough so that we didn't need to carry Kristy too far.

After loaded up in the car, we drove her to the ER which was only a few miles away.

Kristy started to realize what was going on and started to remember the ride before the crash. The nurses cleaned her up, and took X-Rays and CAT scans. It was great to have good friends in the waiting room to keep me focused and on track.

Kristy has a bruised hip, fractured wrist, and of course a concussion. The splint on the wrist should come off within a week. Hopefully the road rash on her face will heal quickly too. She has a pounding head ache and has spent most of the day resting. She hopes to be back on the bike after the wrist has healed, but will only get to do road riding for the rest of the month. Doc's orders...

If anyone would like to wish her well, you can comment here, or send her an email by clicking on her profile, and then clicking on email! I'm sure she'd love to get some get well wishes!

More updates on Kristy to come!


Sandie said...

Holy crap Kristy, you better not do that to us again - do you see the look of concern on my face in that waiting room picture?

Seriously, get well soon we miss you already!

Anonymous said...

Damn Girl! So sorry this happened..Dawn and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers,


Anonymous said... as I say, not as I do! At least Jeff has lots of experience in getting injured bikers to the ER! That must have been scary for both of you. Believe me, I know that kind of accident can happen in a split second. We were both lucky that our injuries weren't worse. Mine might have killed me. It's strange that you had a concussion, and I broke my head and didn't! Take care of yourself and get back on that bike again as soon as you're ready. You can e-mail me back at or

Robert Keith

Kristy said...

Sandie, Colin, Robert, and other friends that have called and sent e-mails, thanks so much for all positive words of support. I really appreciate it! I am resting a lot and taking it easy and I know that I will be feeling better soon. It has been really nice to hear from everyone, I feel very special! Thank you!