Monday, November 13, 2006

Kristy - One Week Later

What a difference a week makes! Compare today's picture with last week's photo. Kristy is off the pain meds, got her splint off, and is more mobile. Today the doc said the MRI looked fine, and all other body parts were healing nicely. You can hardly see any evidence of the the road rash on her face, and only a slight black eye remains.

Kristy took off the splint yesterday and found that the bandage and the scab had grown together. She had to soak the wound in the tub, and the rip off the bandage. A feat that almost made her pass out!

The doc said no mountain biking for at least three to five more weeks, but she should be able to do some road riding as soon as she feels up to it.


Sandie said...

Looking good Kristy, glad to see you are healing nicely. Hope to see you in person real soon.

Snakebite said...

Next time you go back to the Dr. whine lots. Maybe they'll give you the pain meds back!

Glad to see you're healin' well.

the old bag said...

Glad to hear you're healing!