Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Birth of a New Trail

This is the entrance to a new section of trail. It's a little hard to see, but it is marked with orange flags. We didn't start any new trails this year, so we were all excited when one of our friends asked us to ride his new trail. The trail begins where our favorite section of single track ends, extending the fun even further. It's just about the perfect grade too. Steep enough so that you don't need to pedal much, but not so fast that you can't rail the turns. I'm looking forward to riding up it too. Many of our uphill routes are pretty steep, and this will provide a more gradual route up the hill.


Sandie said...

Maybe you did not get the memo but I named this the "postal" route last week since Jeff is a postal worker.

Jeff said...

I purposely omitted that information to protect his identity. (Trail building is not necessarily legal...) Plus I thought he might already have a name for his trail. Although...I think "The Postal Route" is damn funny!

Brent said...

Ran into him while doing some work on this trail myself... he loves the name.