Thursday, October 11, 2007

Something About Mary

There's just no accounting for some people's tastes! These Mary Bars, first seen HERE over at my brother from another mother's blog, BG Phone Home, have made their way to my house in Nevada.

Brian didn't care for the bars, and neither did some of his readers. Chris from Texas had this to say about the Mary's, "They should call those bars, 'Pee Wee Herman Bars'. I don't know how they steer, but they look like shit."

So naturally, I thought I had to have them!

I almost bought some On One Mary's a while back, but the local bike shop had sold them already. I've read some favorable reviews from owners of the Mary's, and this was my chance to snatch them up and see for myself. I'll get them mounted up, and have a full review soon. Brian included the stock grips, but I know why he didn't like those...they are prophylactic thin! The On One stem was included in the deal too. I like four bolt stems, and I'm sure I'll find a use for it.

The lady bug bug bell was wampum for the mojo bag. I was delighted to receive it, but Kristy quickly snatched it up before I could get attached.

So what did I trade for the bars you ask? A couple Kalashnikov rifles, a Howitzer, and an RPG launcher (sorry Brian, couldn't get my hands on the BFG you wanted...) Good trade I think. Brian has a score to settle apparently. I don't know all the details...not my place to ask, and I probably don't want to know!


Tim said...

A friend of mine runs those bars on his fatbike in winter. I think they look weird, but he seems to love them. Different strokes, and all that jazz ...

Kristy said...

Brian, Thanks for the ladybug. She's cute! I will mount her to my handlebars to ward off obnoxious drivers and pedestrians. All the other girls on the block had one except me.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Jeff: Hey, that information was supposed to be on the down low, ka-peasch? I don't need folks meddling in my business!
But, just between you and me, I am definitely going to win that clay pigeon shoot-out this time. :^)
Enjoy your new toys!
Kristy: I am so glad you grabbed the bug. I thought it might look cool on your new cruiser bike!
And thanks again for your time and consideration making the Mojo's.

wolfy said...

I like the mary for xc riding. I found on heavy DH riding I suffer more than on str8 riser bars. But they're great for touring.

Also I like srt8 bars better for hard cranking SS riding. But that's just me.

I certainly don't think they look bad.


Jeff said...

The hand position seems really natural. Trying to picture bombing a downhill with these bars though does seem a bit odd. Can't wait to try them!

bluecolnago said...

now there's a thought... shooting clay pigeons with a 155 mm howitzer..... fill the breech with a bunch of junk, ram a couple of bags of powder and let 'er rip. oh yeah!!!!