Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ode to Jeff P.

Hey Jeff! I shall bow in your general directions 6 times daily and advise all other trail users to do the same!

We had a great ride on the Ash Creek trail and it is thanks to your hard work.

Here is a pic of Todd and Jeff at the top of the trail

Todd is flyin' by... The trail is getting better and better. The initial downhill is cut in a little better and the first sharp left turn is totally doable.

Fabulous erosion control work next to the big rock drop off. What a trail! The trail has a little bit of everything. Bridge crossings, log crossings, drop offs. Lots of ups and downs. Nice technical climbs.

It is especially nice to hear the creek flowing by as we rip down the trail. Cant think of a better way to spend my lunch break.

Top it off with the bottom half of SGP and the Jack Rabbit trail and check out Mr. Styley at the bottom of Jack Rabbit. Jeff Moser bustin out for the photo op.


Jeff P said...

Thank you Marcus, I'm glad you like the trail.

Tank said...

If that Jeff P clown put as much effort into his appearance as he does
into that trail,he probably wouldn't be as bad to look at..... Naw,I doubt if any effort would help that mug.

Jeff said...

Thanks for breaking the ice tank. A good exfoliating face wash and hair cut are relatively inexpensive, and would go a long way in improving Mr. P's appearance. Hell I'd even buy it for him if I thought he'd use it! He'd probably just use the face wash as bridge cleaner and use the tube to prop up a rock, so I can think of better ways to spend my money.

At least he doesn't smell like dog pee though...

Todd said...

Yesterday was the second time I rode the Ash Creek trail. The first time I rode it was a few months ago when it was just barely cut in.

I can't believe the difference!

The first time I tried it I spent almost as much time walking as riding. Yesterday, the entire trail was ridable, but still challenging. I was dreading the climb out of the canyon, but the way you set it up, it wasn't bad at all.

To sum it up, the trail is now Frickin' Awesome!

I don't care if you do look like a hippie and smell like dog pee. Just keep up the trail building.


Jeff said...

Just so you all know, Jeff P. is actually a very handsome man. Especially when wearing his shirtless bibs.

And the dog pee thing. Last Sunday I was hitching my 85lb dog to a tree. He got excited to pee on the tree and whizzed all over me before I could get out of the way. All over my legs and in my shoes. Quite a few people had a good laugh at my expense.

Marcus said...

Jeff P.- The sasquache of Ash Canyon?

Jeff said...

I believe the term "Sasquatch" is considered offensive by some. They prefer to be called "People of the Forest" now if I'm not mistaken.

Jeff said...

A word of caution. There are a series of lefts and rights that you need to memorize. If you forget and take the wrong path, you are likely to run into these.

It's best to come up with a little tune in your head that helps you remember the correct paths.

Marcus said...

Jeff M. You ok man? I can call for help. I have your back my friend. Some kind of a flashback....? Wait, you werent even alive in the 60's...