Saturday, August 04, 2007

Evening Cruise

Evening Cruise
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This week we hooked up with Mike Garcia's Rusted Chain Gang for an evening cruise around Minden and Gardnerville. During the summer, the Gang rides nightly after the sun starts going down. It's a very nice change from the scorching heat of the day! They start in Minden, and we start in Gardnerville, meeting half way. From there we cruise with them back into Gardnerville. It's a great way to spend the evening!

We learned that we're going to have to invest in some commuter style lighting for these types of rides. Especially since I've removed every single reflector off every bike we own. The blinky red lights seemed to be the most important, and probably cheapest too. Opinions in this area would be appreciated!

The Rusted Chain Gang may have a blog up and running soon. They also are planning a Poker Run for the Fall with bikes to win for different categories. I'll keep you posted.


Jerome said...

Hey buddy, I do the same with the stock anti-liability reflectors. I recently bought my wife a bike in Great Fall MT, and asked if they could just remove them for me when they were tuning it up. They had to leave all the reflectors on (even the spoke ones) until it leaves the store. Looks like dorkuss!!!

Regarding the bliny lights, I've been playing around with them, and after testing 6 that have been recommended to me by others, the best there is is the Planet bike Super Flash ( I've checked out online places and they're much more then my local MEC. 15 bucks at MEC. Sucks they're not located down south.

Anyway, I installed this thing on my Volae and smokes is it bright!! It also has a quick clip that allows you to take off the light instantly, while just leaving the fastening collar on the bike. You will be amazed at the brightness of these lights! Bikers behind you might be pissed. (the angry kind) I guess maybe the other kind too. Yay for beer

Brent said...

Dan has very inexpensive blinkies that he just got re-stocked. I use one on my commuter and we used them in HB. $4.99 I believe. AAA batteries last forever ...

oldmanandhisbike said...

Your evening ride sounds like a lot of fun. I think I get caught up in training and riding and never really use my bike(s) for fun anymore. Even commuting is about getting there as fast as I can.
Cool that you can enjoy the more leisurely side of cycling.
P.S. That is a great looking cruiser bike too!

wolfy said...

I use the Reel Lights that stay on for a few minutes if you stop. I ride in traffic @ night all winter. No resistance, no noise, no thinking. They're always there and always on.

I also use a blinky on the seat post, reflective tape on my pack, bike, helmet...

A cool way to get spoke reflectors is to make yourself a nice fixiegeek spoke card with reflective tape as the detail.


Smudgemo said...


That sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I'm jealous in that we've got no flat ground or warm evenings to duplicate something like that (unless we drive to the other side of the hills, I guess.)

Put 1/2" strips of reflective tape on your rims. I usually do like every third or fourth spot between the spokes. When light hits you, drivers see a strobe-effect circle 26" tall. Big and easy to interpret as a moving object.

I spent a bit more and got a Cateye blinkey with 10 lights on two separate circuits. I don't recall the model, but it's got lights on each side as well as the back. Multiple cheapies on each bike might be every bit as good, though.

Jeff said...

Thanks to all for the illumination ideas. I have lots of leads now!

Brian - Cruisers are cheap and easy to ride for the whole family. They're slow and heavy, but that's good. They force you to slow down and have a good time.

Jerome - Stock reflectors and chain guards...I thought there must be some legal reason. My son's BMX racing bike came with reflectors and chain guard. The ABA rule book instructs you to remove these items...they are not allowed on the bike!

Marcus said...

You guys are welcome to borrow my niterider headlights until you get something. They may be a litle overkill for the road though.