Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wednesday Night Practice

On Wednesday, Kristy and I joined Charlie for BMX practice. What surprised me the most was how much one little lap kicked my butt! This worked out good for Kristy, because she got more time on the bike. She was having a blast and would just keep doing laps while I rested. One kid even challenged her to a race. She plans to race for real on Sunday too! I'll be the pit dad. They run the motos pretty quickly, so Charlie may need assistance while Kristy is racing.

My favorite part of the track was the whoop section. You didn't even have to pedal, and you picked up speed! Push down on the bike as the front wheel goes down the whoop, pull up on the bike as it goes up the face. You get going pretty fast and have to remember to set up the berm. I forgot once and came close to going over the top of it.

Our friends had some kid gear that was too small for their son, so they passed it down to Charlie. He looks pro now.


rigtenzin said...

This is awesome. I'll have to look for a track around my area. I want to try, oh and maybe my kids would like to also.

oldmanandhisbike said...

BMXing is a lot harder than it looks; even back in the late 70's it was tough!
Nothing cooler than seeing your kid all duded up and ready to race. I loved it every time my son got to the starting line and was ready to pounce!

Chris said...

Man, he is really looking like a pro in that kit.

You need to put some pegs on your bike so you can take it to the ramps which to me is the next logical progression in your X-Games career.

Jeff said...

I have a freestyle BMX bike in the garage too. There is a nice skate park just down the street from us. I used to go there a lot, but scared myself enough times to back off. Jumping out of the "swimming pool" area was one of the scariest things I've ever done on a bike. I started getting these self preservation flashes, "Dude...this is concrete! It breaks bones!".

I want to go back though. Early in the morning when it's empty. You can get a little route going and get some good exercise.

I took the pegs off the bike. I tried it a few times, but kind of gave up. I just like to cruise around and jump little things...ride the walls and stuff.

Taking the pegs off shaves a couple lbs on an already heavy bike!

Marcus said...

Wow! Kristy- lookin good on the BMX bike! Jeff- time to buy your wife a biege mini-van with tinted windows to protect her from the masses.
Thats awsome that those people gave Charlie that gear. He does look pro! Looks like alot of fun. Jared's bike is on the way. Mom is going to buy him a helmet in Sacto tomorrow.