Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Bicycle Racks

According to the Nevada Appeal newspaper, Carson City has received two new Muscle Powered bicycle racks like the one pictured here in front of Comma Coffee. One is located at Sunset Park, the other at Fuji park. Both are a welcome additions to the community, and are the result of people's generosity of both time and money.

I decided to read the article's comments, hoping to see some thankfulness and other gracious remarks. Here are a few of the heart warmers that really stood out:

  • "I wish people who ride bikes would stay off the damn road!"
  • "Lycra-wearing limp-wrists expect others to pay for their fun. Why do taxpayers have to pay for others' hobbies?"
  • "Just because your vehicle is bigger and gas-powered doesn't give you rights above theirs - But that is a tough argument to win when you are being dragged under a Humvee!"
  • "Lycra-covered bithyclithts should pay for their hobby. Bike lanes are a good thing. Now get off your lycra-coveredand start building them with your money."
  • "Roads are built for motor vehicles using gas tax dollars. You and your limp-wristed, lycra-wearing bithyclithts expect someone else to pay. Why can't you pay for your hobby, like the rest of us do? Oh, that's right... YOU ARE A SCUM-SUCKING, PANTY-WAISTED, LIMP-WRISTED LIBERAL."
  • "Nice bike racks - now move them to San Fransicko"
  • "'Muscle Powered bicycle rack' That is an oxymoron. Bicyclists have no muscles... Now, if it was a 'lycra-powered bithycle rack', that would be understandable..."
  • "I love bicyclists. They make lovely hood ornaments."
  • "More bikes=more targets=more fun"

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. The citizens are appreciative as you can see.

It appears even the newspaper thinks these comments are in good taste and are conducive to the discussion. Their disclaimer, "We reserve the right to delete any comments which are in bad taste or not conducive to the discussion."

Do you all have this same problem in your part of the country, or did all the morons just settle here?


wolfy said...


I think those morons have been here the whole time.


Xd said...

those kinds of comments are precisely why i've referred to this state on numerous occasions as nevadabama.

"some folk'll never eat a skunk, but then again some folk'll, like cleetus the slack-jawed yokel."

Scott said...

A good friend of mine knows this woman Heidi who has ridden all over the country and back again. Here is 1 entry from her diary.

entire blog..

I think there are bike haters everywhere though. A few of my riding friends also find enjoyment in fighting so there have been 2 occasions I know of where haters got their arses whooped. 1 quick story... A truck buzzed my friend Doug and some gestures were exchanged, truck stops, trucker calls Doug a faggot and Doug offers for him to step right up and get whopped by a faggot. 1 punch and trucker was back in his truck with a sore face. I know this doesn't represent our sport well but it tickles me to death. People don't realize how hard cycling is. I don't think lycra is any more feminine than the pants football players wear.

Jeff said...

"Nevadabama" That's funny!

Here' Scott's first link (it got chopped off).


And notice Scott points us to a Fallon, NV incident!

Lycra stretches, dissipates heat well, and dries quickly. I don't get the problem...jealous of our trim bodies I suppose.

lauren said...


we have a little bit of that here, but certainly not as much.

those are crazy.

Brent said...

Jeff, I don't mean to call you out on this, but don't give these morons a bigger voice than they've already got. They are ignorant and miserable. I have often thought to myself, "Why am I still living in this place?" Then... "Oh yeah! Because I am a 3rd generation native of this beautiful state and it's mine!" The ugly people can be ugly and us cyclists can continue to have fun. In my 10 years plus as a bicycle commuter I have had 2 incidents where someone has shouted, "Get off the road!" Both times I caught them at the next light and they had the windows up and eyes forward. Let em hate. None of them have the guts or the brains to do anything about their miserable existence but complain...

Chris said...

Awesome outlook

Smudgemo said...

Liberal is a compliment. It means you are using your brain.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Our rednecks here now think your rednecks are, well huge F'g rednecks!
Holy crap.
Someone actually took pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and wrote in to say that(I am assuming they can write)?
If I had never put a leg over a bike in my life, I would not have expressed an attitude like that. Did they print the persons name after the quote or just the quote?
I guess then that community parks swing sets which are obviously the hobby of young, diaper wearing, juice drinking, mommy loving brats should not be financially supported by adult tax dollars. Let those damn punky kids pay for their own playgrounds!

Jeff P said...

I like my limp wrist.

Jeff said...

Thanks for all the comments!

I believe this to be the work of one person and a couple copy cats. If you read the comments in the paper, this one guy attacks everything no matter what the subject. He baits people into disagreeing with him and then he attacks them too. I think the dude could care less about's just his game.

I believe there are far more bicyclists than bike haters. Like Brent, I've had few bad experiences.

The first time I read this dude's comments I was angry for days. I fell into his trap and he played me. This time, however, I thought it was comical and worth posting for the funny factor. I could really care less about this man named "Anonymous". He's a sissy.

I shouldn't draw attention from the fact that, hey! We got two new bike racks! That's the important message here.

Brent said...

Yeah, I stewed for days over this idiot and his copycatters after that story during bike to work week... then I said, "Screw it and screw him." If he had any courage at all he'd use his name and get his ass kicked like a man.

New bike racks yea!

Smudgemo said...

And Yay for Beer!

Daniel B. said...

Wow, can you feel the love?

That's just unreal... how can people be so hateful/stupid

Snakebite said...

We got 'em here, too. Fuck 'em! We're having a poker run Saturday night regardless.

Brent said...

All we need is some ice cream and a hug...

Jeff said...

Nope. Just some beer! Tour de Fat tomorrow! AAAiiiieeeee!

Brent said...

Funny you should say that since another line in the song I quoted is, "All we need is love and beer."

rigtenzin said...

Sometimes I ignore them and other times I confront them. I think both approaches are good at the right time and when handled correctly. I usually get it wrong though.