Monday, July 16, 2007

2007 Death Ride

Saturday was the infamous Death Ride, or "Tour of the California Alps" if you're having problems getting your mother's permission to ride it. Did I do it? Heavens no! I spent the day napping, frolicking in the garden, supping a 2003 Zinfandel from Winery By The Creek (El Dorado County), and eating a delicious supper prepared from a fructuous visit to the farmer's market.

I know two guys who did though. Our very own Marcus and Brent! Brent has a very good story with pictures over on his blog. Go check it out!

Marcus, do you have any Death Ride lore you'd like to share? Other than "I forgot my camera?"

Good job you two!


Brent said...

Thanks, Jeff! It feels great to have done what I consider to be the most strenuous and fun rides of my 40 years on this planet. It also feels great to know that my friends are so happy for me even though I did not do all 5 passes. I thought I would be pissed at myself if I did not do them all, but doing four was pretty darn tough and I know how hard it truly is and also that I need to be more serious about my training next time around. Did you know there is an optional 6TH PASS?!?!?

Marcus said...

Nice to finally meet cha Brent on the top of Ebbits. I will post some pics as they come in. My story is simple. It was beautiful, greuling and it would have totally sucked if the rest stops werent first class. I thought I would just do it this year to say I did it, but it was really fun, and I am going to try to do it every year.

Brent said...

I agree, Marcus... it was nice that you finally met me... I'm cool! JK It was great to talk to you in person too. I also agree about the rest stops. They were top notch and that is something that I left out of my little story. My fave was the one on the east side of Monitor where the kids from ROP grabbed your bottle, filled it and ran it back to you so you could keep rolling! All while calling me sir.

Xd said...

i think the DR is by far the best supported ride i've done. top notch.

shawnkielty said...

California has the best rides -- The DR -- the 508 -- way too serious for me.

I am going to lounge around the garden instead.